Wander Stars

A new adventure begins

Wander Stars is a turn-based RPG with roguelite elements where you make your own attacks by combining words to make your own fighting techniques. Learn new words to collect, combine, and experiment with to discover enemy weaknesses, synergies, and strategies that will help you win your battles!

The story of Wander Stars follows Ringo, a young martial artist looking for her brother, and Wolfe, a mysterious scoundrel running from his past, as they join forces in an unlikely partnership to collect the pieces of the Wanderstar Map


Your words have power

Call out your attacks by combining words and making your own crazy techniques with our special word-building combat system!

An anime you can play

Each run plays like an anime episode where you experience the adventure through exciting cutscenes with limited animation and intense battles.

Make your own path

Explore every place you visit through a randomized map where you decide your own way and discover treasures, rivals, special events and more! 

Binge and reruns

Replay episodes to learn hidden aspects of the story, find any events you missed, and earn valuable resources that carry over other episodes.


Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch

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